Web Hosting

Access InfoTech is a dynamically growing provider of quality hosting solutions such as shared hosting, virtual hosting, private label reselling and managed servers. We cater to provide online businesses and hosting companies with the latest technology, which doesn't require high level of technical knowledge to run hosting operations. Our servers equipped with the latest hosting management software (Cpanel and Plesk) that makes day-to-day routing tasks a breeze for hosting company owners.

Our internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost.
Key principles we follow.
  • Providing powerful yet easy hosting solutions
  • High-speed redundant network and quality bandwidth providers
  • Quality equipment
  • Maximum guaranteed uptime
  • Well-trained and helpful technical and customer support
We offer web hosting solutions on Linux, NT/Windows platform on our powerful servers. Shared Hosting remains our prime area of focus though we also provide dedicated servers solutions. The combination of service options, powerful servers, reliability and competitive prices help us remain extremely competitive.
The services provided on both Linux and Windows NT servers include amongst others, Virtual Web Servers, Mega Web Server, Corporate Server, Dedicated Linux/NT server, Name Server, Database/SQL/Cold Fusion support and PHP/ JSP, Javaservlet support.
Highly experienced and talented team of professionals working towards customer service and support backs these services.